Heavy Rigid Synchromesh

1 Day Course Available

Synchro Deal $995

At Shift we wanted to take the hassle and guess work out of getting a truck licence so we came up with our Synchro deal.

  • 4 hours training and the practical driving test!

"We use real trucks" - trucks with size and power so when you get your truck licence you will feel confident in any size truck you are driving.

We have a choice of HR trucks to use, choose an automatic or manual, just let us know when you book what type of gear box you would prefer.

The "synchromesh" is fast becoming popular within the transport industry and is very much used on interstate, local and general freight runs. Talk to us about your options.

You can do your training and the practical test in one day or you can split the hours over several days - the option is yours. 

What is a "B Condition"?

A "B Condition" is a restriction on your licence issued by TMR - Transport and Main Roads.

This means that you are permitted to drive an automatic or a manual (synchromesh) heavy vehicle.

You are not allowed to drive a HR that has a non-synchromesh gear box (road ranger).

Hot Tip

If you currently hold a manual car licence, TMR will allow you to use an automatic truck and you will be issued with the same licence HR (B).

Click here to go to the HR Open page if you don't want a B Condition on your licence...

What can on drive on my HR licence?

You are permitted to drive a heavy vehicle that has 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle mass greater than 12 tonnes plus a rigid heavy vehicle attached to a trailer that has a gross vehicle mass less than 9 tonnes.

You may also drive a MR or LR.

Why not try the Heavy Combination...Click here for details...

What do I need to get started?

To upgrade to a HR B licence you must:

  • Have held you car licence for a period of 24 months continuously or
  • An LR or MR licence for 12 months continuously,
  • Complete the heavy vehicle theory test with Qld. Transport - click here to practice , and
  • Have paid the TMR driving test booking fee ($62.80) - $80.00 if we book and pay on your behalf.

At Shift we make getting your HR licence as easy as 1,2,3..

Download your HR (b) brochure here...