Medium Rigid

1 Day course available

Drivers Deal $570  

Some of our students have been driving an MR or similar size vehicle in the past and have asked can we help - YES WE CAN - now we have the RAPID DEAL.

If you're confident in driving an MR Truck and your road rules are up to speed - try this great deal.

At Shift we run the MR Rapid Deals every day depending on driving test availability with TMR - call us for dates.

  • With this package you get 2 hours intensive training and the practical driving test.

Please note: This course is suggested only for students currently driving an MR truck under supervision. 

  • Packages do not include any TMR fees

1 Day course available

Original Deal $695 

At Shift we wanted to take the hassle and guess work out of getting a truck licence, so we've come up with the ORIGINAL DEAL.

  • With this package you get 4 hours training and the practical driving test!

Our trainers are experts in teaching new drivers wanting to enter the transport industry - and the Medium Rigid is a great way to start.

Most students complete the MR course in four hours, however if you feel you would like another hour or two theres no problems.

Shift runs the MR course over ONE DAY or we can split the hours up over two sessions, just talk to us when you make your booking. 

  • Packages do not include any TMR fees

What can I drive on my MR licence?

You are permitted to drive a heavy vehicle that has 2 axles and a gross vehicle mass greater than 8 tonnes plus a trailer that has a gross vehicle mass less than 9 tonnes.

You may also drive a LR.

Want to drive a bigger truck?...Why not try the Heavy Rigid.  Click here for details..


What do I need to get started?

To upgrade for a MR licence you must:


At Shift we make getting your MR licence as easy as 1,2,3..

Download your MR brochure here...