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Heavy Vehicle Theory Test

Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Test

This quiz is designed to help you obtain your Heavy Vehicle Learners permit through TMR.

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What is the maximum allowable width of a vehicle over 4.5 tonnes GVM not including mirrors and signalling devices?

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In the event of a load falling from your vehicle who is responsible?

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The driver of a heavy vehicle, or long vehicle must not park for more than one hour in a built up area unless..

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A heavy vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is over..

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What is the maximum speed limit (unless signposted otherwise) for a vehicle over 12 tonnes GVM?

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Can any vehicle display at the rear, a sign – “DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE”?

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When travelling outside a built up area and not in a road train area what is the minimum distance to be maintained between long vehicles?

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When are you you required to carry your Heavy Vehicle licence?

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If you are required to carry portable triangles, how many do you require?

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Does a school bus have to operate flashing warning lights when picking up or setting down passengers?

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Who administers the National Heavy Vehicle Law?

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What vehicles are required to carry portable warning triangles?

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What is the maximum height allowed of a heavy vehicle except a livestock or car carrier or a double decker bus?

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What is the minimum rest period in a 24 hour period, for a solo driver of a fatigue regulated heavy vehicle, who has completed 12 hours work operation under standard work and rest arrangements?

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Who regulates where a heavy vehicle may park?

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Can the licensed driver of a heavy combination vehicle (HC) legally drive a heavy rigid vehicle (HR)?

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When loading freight containers, they should be secured to the vehicle by..

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